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[Market Analysis] Bonus Box of Goods: World Boss Rush vs Meta-Event Rush (repost)

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@"Ojimaru.8970" posted the following on Reddit earlier:

https://old.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/by12i9/analysis_bonus_box_of_goods_world_boss_rush_vs/Bonus Box of Goods from this Meta-Event Rush event is worth 725% more than the World Boss Rush event.

Thanks to the awesome people who have contributed to the drop rate data on the Wiki, I was able to compare the value of the Bonus Box of Goods from both events. I put the numbers of both table side by side, and used Buy Order prices from the Trading Post API (i.e. lower band) to estimate the value of each Bonus Box.

  • Based on a sample size of 1780, the average value of each Bonus Box of Goods (World Boss Rush) is 19.7 silver.
  • On the other hand, based on a sample size of 543, the average value of each Bonus Box of Goods (Meta-Event Rush) is 60.16 silver.

Now taking into consideration that the average number of Bonus Box per hour is different between the two, I added the following to my calculations:

  • In a single hour, on average, you would have been able to complete 4 World Bosses, and thus earn 4 Bonus Boxes.
  • For the current event, assuming you do Maw > Doppel > Pinata > Serpent's Ire, you would earn 19 Bonus Boxes over 2 hours, or 9.5 boxes per hour.

With this in mind, the average gold per hour from Bonus Boxes alone would add up to

  • 0.788 gold from World Boss Rush, vs.
  • 5.715 gold from Meta-Event Rush.

While none of the submitted data showed any drops in the Rare or Super Rare categories from either boxes, the removal of the Tier 1 and 2 materials from the loot table, and increased probability of Tier 3 and 4 fine crafting materials significantly increased the value of the latter box.

  • There are rare chances in both boxes that a named weapon will replace the guaranteed drop of each, i.e. Piece of Rare Unidentified Gear from the World Boss Rush box, and Bead of Liquid Karma from the Meta-Event Rush box. For the purpose of calculations, I have given an arbitrary 1 gold value to these.
  • Speaking of Beads of Liquid Karma, for the purpose of this analysis, I've assumed Karma has zero gold value for the sake of simplicity.
  • This analysis also doesn't take into account regular loot from the events themselves, e.g. I did not include the daily Hero's Choice boxes from the associated meta events.
  • Lastly, I did not manage to find a reliable way of cycling through the Orr meta events, and so have not considered them in my calculations. If somebody has an idea of the average completions per hour, I'm more than happy to consider it.

Reminder: I'm not the original poster. That would be @"Ojimaru.8970" aka u/Ojimaru. Please direct questions to them.(I made some minor formatting changes)

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