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1 month new to game


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I would really like to meet people in game, WvW videos look really fun. I have pvped in other games, and would really like to get a start in WvW if anyone would like to help? Been playing solo, found one guild, but haven't talked to anyone hardly at all in game. Is there a server that has more people that PvP or WvW? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Most servers have some form of community both in-game and on discord.Join a tag and ask the group how you could get more involved, there are always players of organized wvw guilds online looking for fresh blood that can point you in the right direction. Join a few, run with them, see which group of people you enjoy running with the most. We won't really be able to give more specific ideas without knowing which server you play on and in which timezone, but it's the same idea on most servers. If you note your server, players on this forum from that server can point you in the right direction.

That said, your best bet is to just hop right in and get the feel as you go. Wvw often seems daunting to newer players but once you're familiar with all of the mechanics its actually straightforward. Just keep in mind this is basically open world pvp, just with siege, and try to have fun. Welcome to the gamemode~

~ Kovu

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