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  1. I've done this to people, had people avoid it, had this done to me and also avoided it. The key is to not let your mount die under you, dodge or dismount.
  2. Smokescale assault can be triggered from range and follows the victim wherever it goes during channel, no greatsword involved. As for needing a macro.. Dude, go get a mouse with a thumbpad. Everybody playing this game and especially people talking about what is and isn't possible in game should own an mmo mouse Logitech g600 Go get one, theyre 35 bucks sometimes. You'll wonder why you waited so long to get one.
  3. WvW is a poor choice of locations to avoid fighting. Your warclaw can also dodge
  4. Oh, you'd like to transfer to the winning server.. Today? Does it seem reasonable to allow whoever's on top currently to just bloat, and bloat, and bloat until we're all on the same team? Everybody wins that way, am i right?
  5. Hot diggity is them's some harsh troofs. What could I have done in this situation? Well, anything.. Pretty much anything tops watching it happen with a full toolbar xD
  6. Stay on JQ, it's always darkest just before dawn. Especially true in this case because the blobwagon always moves to the deadest server it can find.
  7. Well, we've already established that Mag only hps SMC. So obvuously, SBI must be rolling them too on the borderlands.
  8. Nobody's arguing. But we're wasting a lot of bandwidth complaining about uselessness here...
  9. Snap to targeting not required. Just the right mix of cursor positioning and view
  10. I would like to second the motion for Bikini Battlefield
  11. That's a blatant lie. Mag Afternoon (while everyone's at work) Force is recognized gamewide as kitten bestest. Take the L with some grace. Also balderdash of the highest order. Mag was never anything but the home for misfit toys.
  12. Exploiting the AoE cap is, was and likely always will be Meta in Gw2... But it will never be a path to gEt GuD. It's the easiest, most forgiving way to play short of sitting on siege safe from reprisal entirely. Should you wish a demonstration, note how effective all those "better" players are next time your commander gets sniped... You'd think someone turned their UI off.
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