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  1. Well then do the rest of the players a favor with your magic report button
  2. If you weren't standing inside 49 other people it wouldn't be an issue.. Jus sayun. 😉
  3. I have the opposite problem. I dislike a large amount of people and can't seem to stop them being on my team. When will Anet impliment antisocial features?
  4. Yea but it's all part of the same improvement.. As far as finished product, we're still at soon. We've been at that same (soon!) waypoint, variating between (soon!) the other side of the roadmap, (silence) for a reeeeeeaaaaally long time now.
  5. I thought we already had the first restructuring beta? Personally I don't expect them to release anything until a market competitor gets past the Crowfall vicinity of threat.
  6. They were gonna fix WvW population imbalances "after HoT was stable", Waaaayyyy back when.
  7. It's easy to get rose colored glasses about for sure. I put a lot of work into marauder.. Wonder if they ever did fix the tentacle pull or heal debuff arm. A lot of my experiences in WAR were theoretically very cool, but the reality was running around at 3fps while skills didn't work on characters that didn't work all that great when it wasn't 3fps with skills not going off.... Too often to not discredit the experience of playing, or to want to encourage the behavior that causes that kind of network trouble here. Blobs cause lag
  8. Agreed, rams and oil is just.... Warhammer Age of Reckoning. No fighting on walls or courtyard, just a big blob clash at the top of the stairs to the lord room lagfest.
  9. Maybe it'll be done for the first. Then the REAL joke can be everyone quickly realizing it didn't fix much.
  10. Whoops! accidentally hit the nail on the head. You're skipping the PvP part of the PvP game mode. If you want to flip things unopposed or do menial chores... Or shoot people with siege from safety...... Bronze it is.
  11. Field reporter checking in: Defending alive and well. Shot by 3 arrow carts, a ballista, a catapult and 3 trebs while I was typing this. Obviously some reward active yet.
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