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  1. Nah i only logged on for willbender and that's all it mentioned.
  2. Yeah, it's an odd marketing move. Obviously we know EoD is coming out, this move could only annoy. I'm not preordering fishing and skiffs guys sorry
  3. It's funny that this is flagged as a hot topic. Many traffic Such discissions
  4. What I'm saying is that they can play together, but it might be more fun if some of them found reason to be on the other teams. They're hardly the only timezone facing coverage gaps on some servers at this point xD
  5. Sounds like you think it's OCX vs. EU/NA We're sleeping my dude
  6. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.redragonzone.com/products/redragon-m908-rgb-gaming-mouse&ved=2ahUKEwjo--GJtKX1AhUJk2oFHTpYBMgQFnoECAkQAQ&usg=AOvVaw01yWo7uQRJXV0SPyF68dEv I was so bummed out when i got one, just like a g600 but with Bluetooth.. Perfect for my laptop. But the Bluetooth has a fob rather than actual bluetooth and what was my weapon swap on g600 is a dedicated dpi shift button on m900. So very typical of ordering from amazon 😞
  7. Nop, only the 12 thumbpad buttons. Don't make me link the manual..
  8. Exactly. By not disincentivizing stacking, you incenticize it. And you end up with each server having its own skirmish of glory and matches are played in shifts
  9. Warhammer Online had a system of diminishing rewards for the ournumbering side and increasing for the holdouts on the losing side not a big reward, but it doesn't take much to incentivize those with multiple accounts.
  10. Other games of the sort have managed to disincentive stacking without causing the already planned community disruption that even Anrt knows wont address the issue. While you might be an advocate of the status quo, to claim the issue unsolvable is to be a poor student of history.
  11. While i quoted you it wasn't a placement of blame. It was more dissatisfaction with this day 1 issue finally being dealt with... but in an act first, come up with a plan later sort of way. This game is not new. The rework is not new. I'm not holding on for "we don't know yet" or anything of the sort.
  12. I have little faith in Anet's "soon" None at all in their "later" As far as I'm concerned restructuring is a flop-by-design
  13. Tried redragon m908: buttons stiff, weird shape, only the thumbpad is programmable. Nty Tried razer naga: overpriced but quite nice. Reccomend: Logitech g600. cheap enough to have spares on the shelf, buttons all reachable without hand cramps, every last button programmable.
  14. Your best bet: Class: Warrior Build: Forum Other than convincing Anet to finish The Big Balance Rework and make things a little rougher on support swarms, there isn't much else to do except have your own support swarm.
  15. They went and made blobs standing in a puddle of their own support virtually immune to anything but more of the same.
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