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Condition balance

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So since you can't rely on a firebrand in your party when in solo Q, you are pretty much screwed as a melee char when facing condi scourge or mirage. When are those classes going to be brought down to a more balanced level? Not sure if it is the classes or the condis as such that is the problem but it seems these 2 classes put out so much more damage than the other ones. Try playing as a warrior against a team with condi mirage and scourge and you will understand what I am talking about..

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I'll assume you play spellbreaker.

You can always drop demolisher amulet for marauder and strength rune for resistance rune, and take more condi cleansing.Don't try to 1v1 a blood scourge while he's not focused by your team.About condi mirage, you can kill it as spellbreaker.

If anything, condition builds are in a very bad state right now. Anything that's not scourge (and to a some extent mirage) is unplayable. Look at burn ele, condi thief (don't @ me), condi berserker etc.

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