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lets do a weekend test with no elo rating system - random matches

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the entire elo rating system is a failure.

does it prevent lopsided matches? does it reward personal achievement? does it take into account off meta builds, bad rotations, cheaters, low population? is it any better then placing people randomly into matches? I am starting to think not.

it would be interesting to test a system where the leaderboard/ badges/ titles still exist, but matches are completely random. I bet we wouldn't be able to tell any difference in match quality, or games would get better over time. might take a while to purge the system so to speak before seeing any results. at least we wouldn't see the same problems being compounded every single day over and over again. man it would be great to get a breath of fresh air. could be a weekend fun event thing instead of permanent.

I've noticed that I used to get waaay better games in counter strike source (don't play it anymore) that were evenly matched because matches were pretty random. yes you could select which team you were in, and occasionally teams were stacked, but wow people actually wanted good games and weren't so try hard. rewards and a botched rating system is driving this mode into the ground. something drastic should be at least tried, I mean what do you have to lose? its just a weekend.

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