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Suggestion: more armor sets hiding Charr's foot claws

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Most armor sets leave the Charr's foot claws exposed. This is somewhat reasonable (even though Charr don't really attack with them, and real-life house cats don't have their claws exposed all the time, but anyway). However, since the claws can't be dyed, this clashes with some of the armors' dyes.

One way to deal with this would be by having a few armor sets that hide those claws. I'm not asking ArenaNet to change existing designs; just to, when they add a new armor, make one that hides the Charr's claws so we could mix and match it with older sets.

Currently, all armor weights have one set that hides the Charr's foot claws - the Hellfire set. Which means it's gated behind at least 21.000 achievement points. The other option is the Zodiac set (which cannot be properly dyed). Neither of those two solves the issue. Since it's likely ArenaNet will add at least one new armor set during Season 5, it would be nice if its boots hid the claws.

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