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Mistlock Sanctaury Passkey "Returning this Week", can't find it in store?

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Talking about this announcement:https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/join-the-party-with-the-dragon-bash-returns-chest/

Returning This Week

  • Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey

But can't find it in store, soo....Do they by chance mean it will enter the store NEXT WEEK?

Anyone familiar with how these announcements usually are phrased who can tell me if that is what they mean, and if so, which day of the week it should be there?

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When Anet says returning this week it doesn't always mean the same day they make the post. It sometimes means that it will appear at some point during that week. The week isn't over yet so it could appear during one of the daily gem store updates anytime from tomorrow and probably before Tuesday's update. Of course there is also the possibility that it was a MISTake but check the rest of the days this week to see if it shows up. :)

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Yeah they do that sometimes. Here is a recent example. On the 18th of June they posted the Choya tools were "returning this week."https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/step-out-of-the-mists-and-into-the-limelight/

They hit the gem store a few days later on the 21st but within the week as stated.https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/959291/#Comment_959291

It works to Anet's advantage to kind of keep people guessing as that often turns in to more gem store views. A higher frequency of gem store views increases the likelihood gem sales will increase. If I had to guess, the pass will probably show up tomorrow (Friday). It is a popular item and they probably want to put it up when more people are viewing the gem store, relaxing for the weekend, and perhaps feeling like spending some money earned from working during the week. :)

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