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Ping constantly surges during WVW zerg fight

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I had ping issues during the past 3 days when I play wvw. I noticed a few things:

1) No issues when I am running alone2) No issues when I run with a small zerg (20ish people)3) Ping rises from 200 (I live in Asia) to ~1k when I am just running with a big zerg (40+ people)4) Ping rises to 5k+ during big zerg fights, I can't use any of my skills but I can see ghost damages and people healing me, 5 mins later the game says I dc-ed5) When the ping is at 5k+, I had no issues sending and receiving messages on the chat6) Some random ping spikes also occur during PvE (solo or with big trains) but nothing compares to wvw

wvw is literally unplayable for me during the active hours, can anyone suggest if it is an issue on my end or Anet's end?

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i think it's an internet speed problem.

get a higher bandwidth from your ISP.

or get a VPN with high bandwidth (and if its all rounded up, that VPN~ISP will be your internet speed. it is good if your VPN optimizes the routing)

or if you want to do something, be sure that if you exclusively play GW2 at given time, don't download stuff (which is given).

i also said the above sentence because there might be some programs you installed/or/surreptitiously installed which can literally reduce your bandwidth by 100 mb/s.

and if the above is not the case, turn off in-thebackground downloads, (any program/windows update).

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