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QoL and features wish list.

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Hello,I'm the co-Guild Leader of Blacksun Legion on Sea of Sorrows. My guild is one of the oldest in Guild Wars. We formed on Launch day of Guild Wars as 'The Talent Show' which we still login to help players get achievements for hall of monuments. When the Charr became playable we re branded to 'Blacksun Legion'. I came on board shortly after launch of GW2 and was made an officer then made co-GL at launch of HoT as the other GL had real life demands on his time. I say all that to say this; as my wish list is read understand that this is coming from someone who loves this game. ArenaNet has done hands-down the best job of creating a cooperative gaming experience that facilitates the best gaming community out there. If I were to make a list of QoL and features in the game that I like, the list would be huge. Keep up the good work ArenaNet! There are however some things I would like to see in the game. So I threw a wish list together and thought I'd share it.NOTE: Copied and pasted from Word, sorry for missing tab before letters.

Quality of Life and Features wish list:

  1. Guilda. Allow guild leaders no restrictions on whispers to guildies. More or better communication options for guild leaders, maybe unlocked through guild ranks?b. More music obtainable for guild hall. GW has so much amazing music. MOX was the right direction, more please.c. Guild related achievements. Maybe they open new perks/rewards/titles.d. New and broader rotations for guild missions. (This IS Guild Wars after all).e. Fix the mapping issue where we have to switch maps in the guild hall every time there’s more than 5 people please. I’m sure there’s some roadblock that comes from the map design; just thought I’d mention it.f. More Guild hall themes including Racial. Maybe tie it into achievements?g. I don’t think guild members should have to own HoT to use the guild vendors.h. Add comments feature so GL and officers can make notes.i. Add date joined.j. Wider variety of symbols for ranks.k. More color options for guild emblem.
  2. Craftinga. Reconcile the crafting and item ranks, Novice, Master, etc. with the crafting and item levels 125, 175, etc.b. More specific sort options (related to problem from item [2a] above). I should be able to sort/search for levels/ranks.c. Improve collapse/expand abilities within the sort function.d. More complexity to crafting recipes that include a broader range of materials from different levels.e. More crafting achievements.
  3. Achievementsa. When this feature released, I had already gotten almost everything in core Tyria. The problem as a guild leader, sometimes new players will ask me where to get masteries or certain titles. I have no idea, because no information is retained on the achievement except that it’s complete. Date and rewards earned would be nice. I say that understanding that would be a huge increase on data storage requirements for the game. This is a wish list.b. Every armor and weapon set in the game should have an achievement.c. Track which paths have been completed for dungeon master achievement.d. Allow the rewards shown for next achievement chests to be scroll-able so new players can look ahead.e. Event completion related achievements and titles by map in core Tyria.f. Account meta achievements like: map completion on every race/class?
  4. Dungeonsa. In addition to explorable add hard mode and insanity modes with achievements and titles.b. The above [a] would allow for new dungeon armor/weapon sets. Maybe upgradable; those and the existing sets. Maybe trinket related items like what was done with the rings for unlocking all the gear.c. Guild related rewards unlocked by all-guild-groups doing specific dungeons (and/or fractals).
  5. Fractalsa. Apart from adding guild related titles/rewards and the issue mentioned in [3a]; I love them, don’t change a thing.
  6. PVPa. Replace the pie chart with a breakdown by class, character, and stats.b. Some bags can’t be opened in the lobby, sort of annoying.
  7. WVWa. Please implement the design you’ve been talking about where you’re placed with guildies instead of your server.
  8. Outfits/Wardrobea. Some items like outfits, their color fields don’t make sense or are inconsistent.b. Dy-able weapons and backpacks?
  9. Wardrobe taba. On hover, show where/how it can be obtained.
  10. Raidsa. See [3a].
  11. Mapsa. Lower the Karma price of racial weapon sets and/or [3b].b. See [3e].
  12. Jumping puzzlesa. Issue from [3a].b. Add JP frequenter achievement like we have for dungeons. Maybe based on difficulty of the JP.
  13. Currenciesa. Add currency exchanges for cross expansion/dungeon/fractal currencies for other currencies or even gold/karma (gems?). Could be something unlocked when you complete certain content? A lot of games forget how to reward veteran players and they leave them sitting there with piles of currencies they’ll never use and could be exchanged for something they need.
  14. Storya. Add story achievements to personal story.
  15. Cut-scenesa. Add some means of replaying story conversations/cut-scenes outside of having to replay the story? Including the one that plays from when you create your character.
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@Mcintosh.8427 said:

@"kharmin.7683" said:Why was this not added to the existing, and stickied, QoL thread?

Why do you ask?

Because the devs and forum mods created a specific thread for all QOL posts and asked all users to post in there and not to make new/duplicate threads.

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@Mcintosh.8427 said:hostile response

Advising about forum rules and etiquette is not trolling, but regardless you are wrong about players not reading the QoL thread, discussions about suggested features are regularly held on that thread between players, not to mention because it is stickied it cannot fall onto the lower pages.

What exactly makes your thread, and opinions more important than any other players, that it deserves it's own thread?

I will remind you that intentionally going against forum rules and etiquette can earn you a strike, or ban from the moderators.

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  • ArenaNet Staff

I am closing this thread because it is redundant with the [suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas one, as people pointed out. This is also a reminder that the report function is the best way for the moderation team to be alerted of forum threads and posts, rather than posting on the thread itself. Posting off-topic leads discussions in a non-constructive direction and can turn into people arguing, which we usually infract.

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