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Quality of Life Buffs for Ele


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Increase range of our teleport skill (Lightning Flash) from 900 to 1200 - I'd say remove the damage portion of this skill to compensate (since I only ever use it for positioning/running/chasing), but I'd probably piss off some weavers. As a staff ele that can correctly guess 1200 range with my eyes closed, it's annoying having a skill that is 900 range since I usually guess the range incorrectly and I end up dying for it in pvp. Or I end up overcompensating for my bad guessing and end up only teleporting ~600 range. This change would also have no effect on pve.

Allow all skills to be cast while moving - This change would have next to no effect on pve, and would slightly improve survivability for the ele in pvp. I don't understand why this hasn't already been implemented, since all the ele skills that require the ele to stand still already have very long cast times and don't provide much burst damage. I'm also not aware of any other classes that have this handicap without access to stealth (though I admit, I haven't played very many other classes).

Improve elemental pet elite (Glyph of Elementals) - There are so many ways to improve this skill. Literally any of these options would help:

  1. Increase pet speed - Melee pets are worthless since enemy players can literally walk away from them. It also takes forever for the melee pet to actually reach the target once you start attacking. Giving pets permanent haste or giving them a short haste burst upon entering combat would go a long way to making the melee version of these pets not completely worthless.
  2. Decrease the cast speed of the castable pet skills - The castable earth and ice pet skills take way too long for the pet to cast. Any time I try, the enemy (and ally for ice) have moved out of the range of my pet, and the skills end up doing nothing. This, together with the horrible pet speed, make earth/ice pets worthless.
  3. Increase pet duration - Just let us keep the pet permanently or put it on a 60 second cooldown (so I can recast it as soon as it expires). The pet is already pretty shitty in pvp, I don't expect anyone would care if the ele ended up with a permanent pet. However, I expect this is the least likely option to actually happen, since it would increase pve damage for the ele.
  4. Let me control the pet directly - This would be useful in situations where I'm attacking one player but want to use an earth/ice pet skill on an enemy nearby.
  5. Make it so casting a pet skill doesn't interrupt me casting my other skills - Particularly, if I'm casting meteor shower (or any other skill requiring me to stand still while casting) and I try to order my pet to use it's pet skill, my meteor shower cast gets interrupted. Why? I feel like this is actually a bug, and I would appreciate it if it got fixed.

Reduce cooldown on fiery greatsword - A 3 minute cooldown? Really? For a conjured weapon that locks me out of all my other skills? And reduces my range down to 600? Just why? It's a small boost to my dps that I can only use when my enemy isn't paying attention to me or when I'm attacking a bunker. If it was on a lower cooldown, I could potentially use it as a means of escaping fights with the two movement skills it provides. But on a 3 minute cooldown, that's a complete waste. The cooldown on this skill should be greatly reduced (down to 1 minute imo).

Improve Rebound - I've made a post about this skill before, but I'll repeat it here. Unless I'm playing a support spec, the 2800 heal on rebound does nothing for me. I usually wait for the aura this skill provides after 5 seconds, but it's too hard to predict how the fight will change after 5 seconds. Given that tempest is already a shitty pvp class, it would be great if this skill immediately procced the aura as soon as it's cast. I feel like making this change would also move support tempest from a 2nd tier support spec to being on par with (and uniquely different than) the firebrand, which is what the developers said they were hoping to do with the ele anyway.

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Make armor of earth pulse protection and stability for its duration instead of applying a single stack.

Make conjure weapons (the utility conjure, not the weapon skills) use the ammo mechanic. One cast summons one weapon. Two ammo charges, ammo recharge as the current skill recharge. When the caster is inside the cast area (target aoe) it casts on his hand (no need to pick up), when the caster is not in the cast area, it casts in the ground and anyone can pick it up.

Make arcane shield an aura.

Give traits more synergy!

  • Swap aura-heal trait in tempest with aura-share trait in water.
  • Change smoldering auras so that fire auras provide resistance (buff) instead of cleansing conditions.
  • Give fire a trait that fire auras pulse might. Earth a trait that magnetic auras pulse stability. Air a trait that static auras pulse superspeed.
  • Give air a trait that provides quickness when you get superspeed.
  • Give arcane the lingering elements trait back and make it work with more traits.
  • Make arcane precision proc lesser arcane power on attunement swap instead of giving might.
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@"thepolishman.2348" , just a quick note... you can set the ground targeting to max range per skill so you don't have to guess.

General Options tabCombat/Movement sectionTick "Lock Ground Target at Maximum Skill Range"

Should help with the LF situation

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