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Story PoF The Departing problems and confusions.

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HiIn the mission called Reclaim your purpose. Why is it that in several parts of this it is necessary to turn it into a JP ?! When trying to do one of these scenes at the top I ended up with my char trapped and I could not get it out of there norDoes it make sense to do story like this? Moreover, in a story of an expansion where people are supposed to use mounts, do you have to try to do things like this? There are friends of mine who since HoT have not bought more expansions of GW2 because of the story and why they either do not like being forced to play it or because they do not like the way it is done.But back to what matters here is the link with the print of the map where I got my char trapped:https://ibb.co/K5NGFRP

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