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Potent Poison does not work with Deadly Ambition

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The GM trait Potent Poison does not work with adept trait Deadly Ambition as it should. We get 2 stacks of poison instead of 3, in PvP.Both the tooltip and the actual test reveal that it does not work as intended.

Potent Poison should add one more poison stack to every other Deadly Art traits. It indeed works with other traits, but not with Deadly Ambition. (It's quite a big deal, given the lower poison application that we currently have with the updated traits.)


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Sorry to piggy back this...

@Blood Red Arachnid.2493 said:Shadow PortalThere's a bug here. The stealth isn't affected by any Shadow Arts traits. Well... it's a portal. And not a bad one like Sand Portal. Let free your whimsy and get creative.


@MrAmputatoes.6031 said:Cloaked in Shadow is broken. Its applying the fear that Rending Shade should and Rending Shade is still only removing boons.@Alatar.7364 said:In sPvP Rending Shade works normally as is described by its tooltip.

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