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Berserker after todays patch...


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@"cryorion.9532" said:Imagine if e.g. Soulbeast had to fill some bar somehow in order to be able to merge with pet and this merge would last 15-20 seconds, they would not be able to exit it at will and it would have 12-15 seconds cooldown. That is basically Berserker. Now I am not saying to make Berserker work exactly like Soulbeast merge, but some better control over it would be nice, without stupid designs like Head Butt self stability removal only to make HB+Outrage combo consistent... welp. The issue is not Head Butt self stun inconsistency before HB change. The issue is Outrage adding 5 seconds to Berserk duration if it breaks stun. If Anet removed/reworked this instead, there would be no need for silly self-weakening HB rework. It is also a bit annoying that there is no directly visible indicator for Berserk duration, only hovering with mouse over Berserk buff icon. What about some nice thin line above adrenaline bar that indicates Berserk duration properly? Something like this: https://imgur.com/5VitvZy

Flurry not keeping up with the game is a separate issue than people complaining about something that Anet already gave them the tools to mitigate.

There are numerous traits and utilities that aid in adrenaline gain, and a trait line that reduces Burst CDs. If you roll into a match without the means to get adrenaline sans hitting a stationary target, then GG you suck at warrior, not just Berserker.

Another Berserker rework suggestion:Berserker has now fixed duration (normally 15 seconds, 20 seconds if traited) and CD is 10 seconds. You can exit Berserk at will (but only after 5 seconds from Berserk activation). If you force Berserk exit, the CD will be increased to 15 seconds. The effect of forced Berserk exit can be something really good, think of releasing all the contained rage at once theme, e.g. big aoe damage with launch cc and some burn stacks. It is counted as a burst skill and the cast time is 1 second to give it more counterplay. This way, it is up to player to decide, if it is worth to force exiting Berserk for its special effect at the cost of being weakened for longer time (longer Berserk CD). If player does not decide to force exiting Berserk, it lasts normal 15/20 seconds and has CD of 10 seconds. Rage skills need to be adjusted accordingly.The idea behind this rework is to make Berserk more accessible and also to have better control over it depending on situation. The new forced exiting mechanics is to allow exiting Berserk earlier and put it on longer CD, being out of Berserk for longer time BUT also being able to use next Berserk sooner than waiting 15+10 seconds if not forcing the exit. In other words, if you force the exit after 5 seconds from activating Berserk, you can use next Berserk 5 seconds sooner than if you wait 15 seconds in Berserk and then another 10 seconds out of Berserk.

A better comparison would be Necros with Iife force and Shroud. Shroud has a CD, requires a resource to initiate, and its own skills have CDs. That and in Shroud hits reduce your lifeforce, so one can argue that they have it worse. I do agree that more control would be better, like to ability to freely exit BMode, but getting INTO BMode initially or once it is off CD is pretty trivial as it is right now.

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