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Because No One Asked For It... I Present Vizier's Tower Tribulation Mode

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I like jumping in this game. I tend to hang around at the daily jumping puzzle if there is one and either guide people, find shortcuts, alternative paths, odd spots, what ever. So today with Vizier's Tower being the daily jumping puzzle I've gone and traced an alternative route up that maybe could be considered a shortcut without mounts, but I'd be surprised if you save time using it. I think of it more as a tribulation path like in super adventure box. Pretend any other routes are trapped and you can't use mounts or glider (if not using glider is even an option... I don't have one so I don't really know). You can however use a 25% passive speed boost, swiftness, and dodge jumps... no leaps or super speed. Try to follow the trail in the imgur album linked here and good luck =)Vizier's Tower Tribulation Mode

http://imgur.com/a/HkFxlHR <--- for copy past if the above link doesn't work

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