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Can Anet please look into Venoms next?


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Also why are they still attached to SA?

As with new balance patch, SA is now a very supportive and defensive traitline, which doesn't feel all that bad.

As such I don't feel as though Venom should remain in the traitline at all.

The trait Leeching Venom itself isn't all that great for Stealth either, since it stacks rather slowly and honestly only supports heavy Stealth invested builds which uses alot of its utility cooldowns for some poison and leeching on hits.

(Need around 18 seconds of Stealth to get the same stacks as 1 cast of Spider poison)

I feel that Venoms should either :

  • Made more consistent and easy to apply. (Maybe gain a stack with every new application of Stealth, including those from other players and capped at 6)

  • Swapped with Executioner from DA to SA which will make stealth attacks deal increased damage to targets under 50% Hp.

Alternatively, which will help Venoms as a whole :

  • Venoms can be stacked to a cap, but won't expire.
  • Capped Venoms are unavailable for recast, but will cooldown normally even when stacked.
  • Venoms are unblockable but envenomed attacks cannot crit.
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