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Bug: Chopping Tukawa tree with Glyph of Alchemy results in Ruined Plant Fiber

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When chopping a Tukawa tree, I'm getting Ruined Plant Fiber. This is wrong:1) I'm using an orichalcum axe upgraded with a Glyph of Alchemy, so it should drop wood correctly.2) Ruined Plant Fiber should only drop if I'm harvesting something with an incorrect harvesting tool.3) I have an orichalcum sickle, so even that should never happen.

I've tested the issue on 7 logging nodes, it's not a one-time thing. It persists through logging out to character select. It persists through closing the client. It persists through changing maps. Changing harvesting tools has no effect. I've tried unequipping my sickle, it does nothing. It happens to all Tukawa saplings (tested on Iron Marshes and Blazeridge Steppes). It only happens while the Glpyh of Alchemy upgrade is applied.

Video of bug:

Location: Blazeridge SteppesRace: AsuraLevel: 80In a group: NoClass: EngineerTime: 11:50PM, EST

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