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[EU][Raids][Raid Training] Hound of Abaddon LFM

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Updated:- 30.7.2019Hound of Abaddon [HoA] is looking for players who are interested in training progression preferably those who are new or is a beginner to raids. Returning raiders who need a refresh are also most welcomed to join us! We don't have an LI requirement at the moment but we do expect if you are interested to join us to be able to commit weekly.

Our training progression group has been around since April 2019 and is now looking for more people to fill in our slots. Here are some of our quick info:-1 - Training takes place every Friday at 17:30 UTC server time for three hours.2- Training is conducted by an experienced/veteran raider (his account in-game is okito.1024)3 - We’ve successfully killed a few bosses and has encountered some throughout wing 1 to 5.4 - At a minimum, we accept exotic level gear running the appropriate stat based on your classes of choice.5- No raiding experience is required. Our training is designed entirely for beginners and to help our members feel more comfortable getting into raids.

Classes that we need:- Slot is full. Keep a lookout for an opening!

If you are interested, check out the requirements on this website ( https://www.houndofabaddon.com/Topic/GW2-Raid-Training-Sign-Up-Updated-11-07-19-1-24 ). Once I receive your application, I’ll be sending you a guild invite as well so be sure to have a guild slot open. Alternatively, you may comment down below if you have any questions, I will do my best to get back to you!Our guild's main recruitment page can be found on this link (https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/40395/eu-pve-hound-of-abaddon-casual-social-guild-recruiting)

P.S You might want to copy the link manually incase forums redirect you to a non-existent page.

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