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Thief preparation traps failing to trigger

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When using any of the preparations on thief I've been noticing that they don't always place the skill. Meaning that you press it and you assume it worked and then when you go to activate it, it fails. Thus the skill goes on cooldown with nothing happening. Initially, I thought it had something to do with the skill not placing the indicator and that if it doesn't place, it won't trigger. But, even when the skill glitches that way it sometimes still will function correctly. In total it seems there is a bug with the placing and activating preparations.

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Seal area when placed and it actually works only barely stops people entering or exiting. An example is heartseeker spammers can still get in or out.

What's worse is on interior traits or rubes o my proc 1 time...example is back to back HS spam only applies 1 or 2 Pulmonary Impacts as where it should apply them all per interupt. Both need to be addressed.

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