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Mesmer clones suggestion


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give them hp pool of real mesmer, but make them die after 1 or 2 seconds of taking any dmg. would still give almost the same counterplay to class, but give more possibility to mesmers in big fights where clones die in a blink of an eye (looking at wvw with sadness)

good idea or bad idea? why?

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Honestly, this would have to be something on a hands-on test server for me to declare if it's good or bad.I like the idea of it in theory but in practice could he either too good or bad. I'm leaning towards too good UNLESS it's for Chrono only.A change like this would maybe allow me to switch to Chrono again. Probably not, but much better chance than as it is now.

It would surely fix it well enough to make it playable in WvW, so I vote that this idea be looked into and taken seriously. Again: Chrono only. Not Core, and definitely not Mirage!

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A totally different idea is to have them have No Health Bar, take no and do no damage, clones run to the Mesmer for shatters making the next attack apply the effects. Target breaks make the Mesmer untargetable for a brief duration. Boom every QQ thread about Mesmer clones instantly goes away, scaling of shatter still apply but are now more consistent. Scaling for some of the clone applied conditions would need to be added to basic attacks done by the Mesmer (the source of the current clone applied conditions).

This makes counterplay easier for enemies of the Mesmer, but also makes Mesmer damage more consistent in all game modes (not reliant on AI applied attacks). Part of the issue with Mesmer is that when their damage can be reliably landed, they deal a lot of it in a short amount of time, but their resource and even their damage can be negated by destroying the clones. So in effect destroying clones kills both the offense and defense of a Mesmer, it has always been the case and always will be, this is actually why IH for Mirage ends up being so strong... it invulns the clones at critical moments to allow for shatters in addition to their conditions applied by them.

In short, clones are our strength and our weakness, and this has always been the case. It needs to change, all the animations and such can remain but the way we use them just needs to change.

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