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Need help with API (know id for an achievement with only the name)


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Hello, I come to you to find people who have knowledge or help with API.

I am in charge of a distribution of the GW2 TacO overlay oriented more towards helping beginners and indicating achievements.Recently the overlay has integrated two new options in the creation of markers allowing via the given API key, to check if a achievement or a sub-element is made or not, in order to hide it directly. The executable calls the API: https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/achievements

The markers are XML tags and therefore the scripts and query part of the API is done directly by the overlay.There are just two variables in the XML tag of the marker:

  • achievementID (integer) : achievement IDs
  • achievementBits (integer): Bits of the sub-element (if existing but not so important if I have to do without)

I don't know the IDs of the achievements, i only know the names.

So I'm looking for ways to use the name of a achievement to get the necessary information.Or if possible a way to have a complete list of all IDs and names as well as sub-element bits if available.Again I have no knowledge of how to do this, and via the link directly, I couldn't get anything conclusive because it would require me to do all the possible IDs one by one.And I have several hundred marked achievements in distribution.

Unfortunately, the Wiki doesn't give the API ID info on the achievement pages, which would have been perfect to the limit for me to integrate this.

Thank you for reading this message, and thank you for all the answers.

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WAOUH i love you !

I have never read or know the "page" variableIt's not a full listing but this is nearly it, i will use it to add the new function to my distribution with that.

For not use too many link, i have find the server can response 200 items by page.With this link for example : https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/achievements?page=0&page_size=200With it there is only 17 pages.

Thanks a lot !

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Just another question for done this question.

In this example, in Bits, the first item is call with 0 or 1 ?I never know if in this case the 0 is the first or not

{"id": ###,"name": "###","bits": [{"type": "Text","text": "Blah Blah 1"},{"type": "Text","text": "Blah Blah 2"},{"type": "Text","text": "Blah Blah 3"},{"type": "Text","text": "Blah Blah 4"}]}

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I know this is a bit of a necro, yes the achievement bits start at 0. for example when i calledhttps://api.guildwars2.com/v2/account/achievements?access_token=[APIKEY]i get (among other things):{"id": 4712,"bits": [0,1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11],"current": 11,"max": 14,"done": false,"unlocked": true},this corresponds to my "saving skyscales" not having skyscale of life, skyscale of courage, and of course a quest completed.the current and max values are a "count" so they are 1 indexed. only the bits are zero indexed.

Are you planning to add dynamic tracking to remove unnecessary nodes to taco? i would love to have that.

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