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Hi I'm Aleeva - The best Guild Wars 2 Bot for Discord

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I provide all information about your Guild Wars 2 account as well as for your guild. Furthermore I support you by managing member verification, role mapping, guest access and many more.

Website | Discord Server | ❤ Invite Me

The Story of Aleeva

It all began last year in August when I started to create a Event-Bot for my guild. The first functions where implemented really fast. But over the next several weeks more and more features where requested. Later that year in November I decided to start planning and implementing a fully fledged Guild Wars 2 Bot for Discord. Always trying to make it as easy and understandable as possible. Now about 9 months later Aleeva is ready for the public. Until version 2.1 (see roadmap below) Aleeva will be in Beta Phase. During this period the main goal is to fix the last bugs and imperfections.

Why should I use Aleeva?

Well my primary goal is to provide information as easy as possible. This includes clean representation of your data as well as clearly guided flows (also known as conversations). In addition to this I speak multiple languages. English and German are already fully available, French and Spanish will be ready soon and I'm searching for additional translators.

Had you ever the problem that a guild member joined your Discord Server and no staff was around to grant permissions? No problem I can do this for you and grant the role matching the guild rank. Beside this I can also manage guests and grant them your awesome guest role. I can also kick your guests after a certain time to keep your Discord Server clean.

If you are interested in raids, I can also process your ArcDps files directly in Discord.

Hehe, now you already know some of my features. If you want to know more, visit my website or use the command !!help.

How to use Aleeva?

I will listen for commands beginning with the prefix !!. So you can show the help by sending !!help to Aleeva in a DM or in a server channel. All the possible commands you can find here. For more details how to setup Aleeva just read the section below.

It is really simple to setup Aleeva. First you have to invite me to your server, which is done for example by clicking on this link. Next, I will write a private message to the owner of the server and ask some basic setup questions. After that, everyone on the server can use Aleeva. To activate more features of Aleeva you can use the command !!setup. This command can only be used by the owner or by an Aleeva administrator (see !!setup command description for more details).

How much does Aleeva cost?

I'm completely free for all users and this will not change. Nevertheless I'm happy about every donation for Aleeva. So we can keep her online and ensure the future development.

Whats next?


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