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BL Weapon Skin Ticket Price Mismatch

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There are two ways to obtain BL Weapon Skins via BL Tickets:

  • Visit the BL Vault in LA (behind the bank), which has one vendor for each available skin.
  • Double-click a ticket to bring up a vendor.

Currently, Keepsake weapons are offered at different prices:

  • The vault vendor charges 2 (two) BL tickets per skin
  • The auto-vendor (via ticket) charge 3 (three) BL tickets per skin

I've checked the availability each time there's been a new set. This is the first time I've seen a price discrepancy. (And for those interested, the auto-vendor always offers a subset of the skins available in the vault, since there's a limited amount of space in the vendor panel.)

tl;dr Buy Keepsake weapons in the vault, not through the auto-vendor. (And ANet: please fix.)

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