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Please bring back Glyph of Empowerment or something.


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Hi, as a druid main who doesn't do raids, it feels bad that I am getting told to switch to something else for fractals. People tell me that classes like firebrand, renegade, and scourge can provide more utility and heals while playing for their off role and still deal more damage. With alacrigade comps being meta, its very rare to find mesmers to extend our boons. Also druids can't really build for better damage due to their pets and their elite spec focusing on healing traits (while still healing less and dealing less damage apparently). Other healers can heal while dealing damage but druids can't due to celestial avatar. Recently druids have been gutted for wvw, pvp, and fractals, and are notoriously bad for open world due to lack of cleave and lower pet stats. Can we bring back glyph of empowerment for the last thing that we have (unique buffs), or rework druids or something? Perhaps make the pets scale with druid stats so that we can have some proper scaling. It feels so bad to be excluded from basically every game mode except raids.

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Just rework Druid, it's such in a bad and sorry state. I don't even know why they had to nerf the pets. They actually just destroying the Druid while keeping FBrand alive. The Pet nerf and Staff 3 got evade removed and has longer cooldown duration. Then the Spirit rework killed Druid stability. They removed Druid utility by removing the buff from Glyph of Empowerment and gave a channeled elite (lol, longest channel of the game).

Just bring a Firebrand, it can give Aegis, Stability, Quickness and all the other boons of the game. It also removes all condi easily, meanwhile Druid has to use Healing Spring or Signet of Renewal.

Druid is just trash now. Jump to another ship, this one sank.

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