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Targetting circles bugged again?

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A while back one of the patches broke the Ranger Longbow Skill 5 - Barrage. It was fixed shortly after, but in summary the targeting circle acted oddly and couldn't be placed at will due to it hitting various pieces of scenery. The patch cured this issue.

Today I've been in Fields of Ruin. I've noticed that the targeting circle is again acting a little oddly when being moved against terrain, trees, and other zone scenery. Nothing has been altered on my settings before or after yesterdays patch.

It doesnt seem as severe as the issue a while back, but it is definitely there. Its almost like the target circle is trying to hug the map geometry and bumps against trees etc.

Edit - Just tried Staff skill 5 on my Elementalist which, like the Longbow Skill 5, uses a freely moveable target circle and it too seems to be hitting terrain detail and treating them as obstacles bumping around them. Same issue with Necromancer Staff target circles.

Makes placement of weapon circles awkward.

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