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Video: (Soulbeast) Eternal Battlegrounds - Sunday afternoon shenanigans


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Hey all,

I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since launch, but have taken a break of more than a year due to just being burnt out with the game.However, I picked up the game again some weeks ago and am having some good laughs and giggles (again).

And just to show you all that WvW is not all about massive 50 v 50 fights but that you can have sweet fun while doing some solo roaming (and also to test/train my video editing skills), I gladly present a little clip I made from yesterday afternoon's shenanigans.(yeah, shameless self plug)

Input/feedback (whether on the awesome video or the proplay on the soulbeast) is always welcome, of course..

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@hobotnicax.7918 said:Welcome back to the game. Gameplay in the video is average/below average boonbeast tbh - jumping afk/semi-afk people doing pve things is not video worthy... but as long as you're having fun!

Thanks, glad to be back. And also a big thanks for your feedback..You're totally correct, it certainly isn't the best gameplay or so - the concept of the video was to show that you can have fun in WvW any way you want (because quite a few 'new' WvW players tend to think it's all about massive battles). And the more people we can get into our gamemode, the more fun it'll become of course.. :smile:

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