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Seimur Oxbone bugged for ascended cooking at 425?

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I suppose it could be from using the same client software for 2 different accounts (neither of them F2P, both at least 4 years old), but I'm having trouble getting Seimur to give me the cooking task at 425 for my primary account. I didn't have any issue with my Charr character on my other account, but my Asura on this account at cooking 429 can't get him to tell me the foods to fix. All I get is him saying, "I took the liberty of setting up a small kitchen to work in. Don't worry, I clean up all my messes. So, got anything for me to taste?" and I reply, "Hang on. Let me cook something for you."

That is all the dialog I can get out of him. He's not telling me what he wants to taste on this account.

Any ideas?...already tried logging out and in. If I can't do this, I can't do ascended cooking AT ALL on my older account.

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Welp, guess I was wrong. He's going to accept the platter from me. Too bad the other part was bugged so I had to use the link above or look it up because he wasn't going to talk to me to tell me what to make, just gave me that vague line that I quoted in the beginning. That was all that he said...no name for the platter or that is was a platter.

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