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Suggestion Spellbreaker F3: Mirror Coat


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This I know this will never be added but it's fun to suggest new ideas.

Full Counter & Mirror Coat share the same recharge time, activating one will also put the other on cool down.

Mirror CoatActivation Time: 1½ secRecharge Time: 8 Sec''Absorb the conditions applied against you. All foes around you gain the condition you absorbed."Resistance (2s): Conditions currently on you are ineffective; stacks duration.Number of Targets: 3Range: 300

Trait Interactions:

Spellbreaker's Conviction - Maximum adrenaline is capped at 2 bars, and only level 1 bursts are available. Gain access to the Full Counter burst, Mirror Coat burst and Meditation skills.Guard Counter - Gain protection after a successful Full Counter. Gain retaliation after a successful Mirror Coat.Slow Counter - Full Counter applies cripple and slow. Mirror Coat applies fear and confusion.Attacker's Insight - Gain Insight when disabling foes or removing boons. Full Counter & Mirror Coat refreshes all burst skills except Full Counter & Mirror Coat. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt and fear.Revenge Counter - Full Counter deals additional damage and grants resistance. Copy conditions on yourself to targets you hit with Full Counter. Mirror Coat can now target 2 additional targets and grants stability. Mirror Coat now converts condition you absorbed into boons. Your foes lose the same type of boons you gain through this trait.

Idea inspired by Wobbuffet & existing Full Counter

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@Kuulpb.5412 said:

@Ario.8964 said:Honestly this sounds cool af. The unfortunate thing is it'd so be powerful even scourge players would have an annurism.

I doubt blocking one condition would cause an aneurysm.

I read it to mean 1.5s of essentially reflecting all incoming conditions to up to 3 people, adding confusion and fear if traited Slow Counter. With Revenge Counter, it'd jump to five targets, plus a whole bunch of boons for the Spellbreaker (stability, resistance, regen, etc).

If that's the case, run this with Trailblazer's and you'll have a supertank that can basically lay waste to entire encounters. Hell, might even be able to do it with viper to get the most out of both Full Counter and this thing. The rivers of salty tears would run far and wide.

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