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Copy/paste issue from equipment template

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I like to copy/paste my builds into my own notes outside of the game, or the ocassional paste into discord or youtube. The problem at the moment is, copy/pasting from BUILD TEMPLATES is fine, but copy/pasting from EQUIPMENT TEMPLATE is broken and does not work outside of the game. Am I mistaken that equipment templates do not generate a code and only build templates do? If they are supposed to generate their own paste code, please take a look at it thanks.To be clear:

  • Store Build Template / Copy Build Template <-- works in game

  • Copy Equipment Template / Paste Equipment Template <-- works in game

  • Copy Build Template <-- works outside of game for pasting template code

  • Copy Equipment Template <-- does not generate template code for pasting outside of game

Does copying from Build Template include both build&equipment template for pasting outside of game? If so then this post can be ignored. It's just a little confusing with all the internal copy/paste seperation from build/equipment template.

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@DemonSeed.3528 said:Yeah, I think the chatcode from build template probably includes the equipment one too or at least it ought to. Wouldn't hurt to be able to get just a code for the equipment template without involving the build template.


Its not meant to.

equipment templates do not have a chatcode. They are not connected to the trait templates chat code.. they just don't have one.

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