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  1. I am trying to go and "Visit the Omphalos Chamber" when I get this issue and am unable to progress. Edit: Ok, so trying it on the character won't work even if you restart the game client. What I did was when I got back in, I change to another character, then go back to the character with the problem and I was able to get in the Omphalos chamber.
  2. When I was getting this error, I tested multiple browsers, disabled addons, adblockers and my pi-hole. Tried in game too, so I knew it was something else. What you have to do is contact support because it is something on the lines of, "your purchase attempts were caught in our general security checks and purchase limits" - or at least in my case it was, so if it was the same case for anyone else, the customer support person should be able to get it settled once they get in contact with you. I hope you people are able to get it sorted as I did.
  3. Probably a different matter, but I'm not even getting the auth emails on either NA/EU right now Edit: NA side is finally sending it to me now
  4. The best new bug I've seen with queues (normally it either randomly kicks you from it/when you reach 1 it re-enters into queue without any interaction involved/kicks you into character select/kicks you out of game client/let's you click enter but didn't do anything or puts you back into queue), this time it actually increased my queue number without doing anything. I went from #my_number to #my_number+more while I was waiting. It was very thrilling to see but I hope it doesn't start occurring with regularity - at least the increasing queue bug one.
  5. Some of us are already aware of that issue and seen our isps redirect traffic already during this last month, this is something in the last week which could still be related so still keeping an eye out. Reason I'm still 50/50 is because afaik my 4g takes the same route that is taken by my fiber optic yet has no problem. I will double check. Extra info: if you are from s.e.a. (Malaysia specifically), you can check this thread to see what's been going on, or at least what is being discussed about it over in this forum post
  6. NA side still has logging issues on my end. Using Unifi from E. Malaysia. Possibly routing issue however I am able to login most of the time, but trying to get on maps outside of armistice bastion usually yields routing/network failure error message ("The inability to connect to Guild Wars 2 may be caused by internet routing issues or a server network failure"). I do not have any issues with EU. Using Celcom 4g I also have no problem getting into the NA servers, so this is possibly a routing issue from Unifi, but I will keep checking for other issues. I usually notice this problem when I login
  7. I'm actually having issues reaching the NA login servers now. Edit: finally got in by changing to a diff authsrv, but still laggy
  8. Every server will have a pitfall every now and then. I never moved servers but I have a few alt accounts on both na/eu and this cycle is all over the place and happens with quite some regularity, especially so during a relinks or certain matchup. I don't know where on eu you could go that would suit your timezone or playstyle without being on opposite sides of the spectrum (in terms of stacked/non-stacked or people willing to fight/scout/defend). What timezone you play?
  9. Update: Same thing happening exactly around same time again - a week or so before the next beta comes. What's going on? More transparent server tests in the background in wvw or what?
  10. First one I used on gw2 was a Razer DeathAdder 2013. The only reason I stopped using it was because of the actual mouse shell had broke where the screws are. I can actual still use it if I find another donor shell from a broken one. The second mouse I used with gw2 is a Logitech g600. The model I had in particular was the buggy one which did not work with ANY mouse pad but worked fine on melamine or textured plastic folder surfaces. The left click started having issues so I replaced the micro switch myself (I suggest you all learn how to replace them as well, because all modern mouse switches
  11. I don't know if it's the same similar problem I had, but it was basically thrashing my I/O and it still comes around even after I got a new ssd on the 16th this month. If you know how to check processes (I use Process Lasso for this), you can see cpu usage, mem usage, i/o and other things happening you'll be able to see what's happening with the gw2 client. You should more or less be able to see the same information with the free program Process Explorer https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer. Maybe that can help point you to the source of the issue. I've been
  12. Hm, the way it currently works, how many ambushes could be set off in a specific amount of time like 10s? Anyone tested it before the beta stopped?
  13. For my untamed disabler builds I usually have absorption sigil to help with some of the boon removal along with my hammer and pet skills so I generally don't run into this problem. What is your build like?
  14. Usually visual tells will have an accompanying sound, and it also helps those with specific impairments.
  15. It definitely needs some visual popping enough to notice it from the periphery of vision. It reminds me of what they did with brake lights in general - people are more apt to noticing a blinking red light than a static one. I sometimes even miss it when I'm trying to directly look at it during a fight, especially with the tight window you need to pull the ambush off.
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