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  1. We actually have a lengthy older thread about this issue. Btw you can even stop people repairing if you know how.
  2. I actually started doing that when I first started playing, mostly because I was trying to get away with cripple ticking when I noticed this happen when I was jumping around. Ever since then I do it once in a while hoping people would miss, since it works in general. I thought that was also why besides being trolly that people do their jumping lol You can also see some good players do this with dodge jump. Try it, it works against a lot of things.
  3. d912pxy uses a high amount of ram, normal gw2 without it is anywhere from 2.8-4gb in normal usage, whereas d912pxy starts at 4gb+ to anywhere under 8gb (in some circumstance there can be mem leaks causing it).
  4. Wargi sounds most excellent. I approve.
  5. Is corgi in the list? Cos corgi should be in the list if it isn't.
  6. Ahh thanks, I will check this one out - I've been toggling autotarget/snap to ground for years to get around this problem, maybe this will enhance it lol.
  7. I have keybinds to toggle snap to ground/autotarget for this reason specifically. In fact I wonder why most thieves don't complain about it because it also helps me noscope them in certain situations if you time it correctly, even without a channeled skill.
  8. I still want them to add a Warlord weapon box at the end of gold skirmish chest or something, so newer players can have a goal to keep aiming for and keep playing. PS - @Manasa Devi.7958 I like seeing the word lackadaisical being used, it's a rarity.
  9. i call them schnookum swolebeasts cos they just adorable. Btw I followed your twitch so you no longer have 69 xd
  10. I get to finally play with my alt guildies, so no complaints on my end. It's been fun regardless of the outcome. If there is any toxicity happening in chat, I would just ignore it and it would be the same toxic people you find elsewhere. Just have fun people, your days will be brighter.
  11. I've seen the normal visual glitch where they jump high and are trying to sync, but lately the visual glitch shows them just dropping from a realllly great height (like when you get smacked by giants in skyrim). I thought one mount was coming back from the moon to make a landing.
  12. Maybe 70% of links stay same and only 30% change overall xd Maybe they link servers that are like oil & water again unless it's linking blob servers together to steamroll their individual tiers.
  13. mcnornald gave me cheeseburgers i think last year oh yeah i remember that mesmer too, they had a funny name, it's on the tip of my tongue but i can't remember
  14. If they had something more going for them they would prolly see more usage even if the arm time isn't changed I think though.
  15. People can see visuals when you set it down, that arm time even gives sloths the ability to react, have a KitKat and then casually walk away from it. Only the braindead will fall for one if it's not in a choke point or a downed enemy to lure others. They need to be improved, and as I've stated plenty of times, the arm time needs to be adjusted or gotten rid of completely. Shadow portal is the only useable (or practical I should say) of all preparations (WvW).
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