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opinion on what profession is the most different from Necromancer/Reaper?


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so I already played circa 300 hours with my first character in this game, a female Norn Necro (though most of the time it was a Reaper). and though I'm not getting bored with her yet, I want to start a new, second-ever character.

my goal for the experience with the new character is for him/her to be as much different from the female reaper norn as possible, both personality and armor/combat wise. I already decided to go with a sylvari (because of HoT story) but what about class, and later, elite specialization?

p.s.: as implied, I focus very heavily on PvE. also, please rule out Rev ('cause I'm weird and won't play rev anytime soon as I think it's a profession that belongs only to Rytlock now lol

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Since reaper is usually power damage and focuses on melee aoe with shroud and greatsword, maybe try a condi ranged build? Soulbeast has some fun condi builds with traps, shortbow, dagger, axe, torch, and ranger kind of has the opposite theme of necromancer. Soulbeast is very strong in solo/open world pve. Condi mirage would also be a very different playstyle, while still being very strong in pve and having a unique class theme. My last recommendation would probably be dragonhunter or firebrand, but they are typically still melee aoe focused and combat might feel similar to reaper.

If you like power damage, soulbeast and mesmer have some great power builds too.

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