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Weird story


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1) Why is it bad if Balthasar had killed elder dragons? After all he would absorb the magic and thus the magic could have caused no havoc on Tyria. After killing them all he would probably have left Tyria with all the elder dragon magic and thus forever solving the elder dragon magic problem. Sure he might have killed the other gods after that and became the only god. But why is this a problem? The gods were useless for the humans anyway and never of any help.2) Why do Jormag and Primordus sleep after Balthasar absorbs a lot of energy of them? The lore stays that elder dragons wake up when starved of energy/magic and go sleep when they ate enough. So by that logic all elder dragons would have to be sleeping again after Zhaitan and Mordremoth died and they absorbed large parts of their energy.This is also a problem with Kralkatorrik. Instead of going back to sleep after absorbing Balthasars magic he becomes even more destructive?3) Why did the story suggest we need Sohotin to kill Balthasar if it works fine, if not better without it? There is even an achievement for doing so.4) Why is Joko (based on current game lore) immortal? Gods and elder dragons turn out to be mortal, but so far Joko seems immortal?

And these are just the 4 largest issues I have with the current story. Listing everything would take too long and probably reach 100 bullet points.

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Because the problem is two-fold. Excess magic is just the obvious symptom, and is causing issues but so far is not world-shattering in these issues. The real issue is the balance of The All. Six Spheres, which are not the Elder Dragons but directly tied to them, keep the world alive. The death of Zhaitan and Mordremoth caused their related spheres to dim and slow when we look at The All during Taimi's simulation, but are still there and still mobile. Simply removing magic doesn't fix those two spheres, and Balthazar was going to destroy another dragon, which meant dimming and slowing a third sphere which would have pushed the balance of The All over the edge. This is why what's needed is not "containers for magic" but "replacement for the Elder Dragons".

Actually, that's false. The Elder Dragons do not wake up when they're starved, as they were starved when they last went to sleep due to the Bloodstone's creation. In order to wake, the Elder Dragons need to first consume some magic so they have the power to rise (usually this is obtained via a herald - Glint, Drakkar, Scarlet, and Great Destroyer all acted as heralds, presumably Zhaitan's was the Giganticus Lupicus seen in Arah (the only risen known to be from the previous dragonrise), though Glint betrayed Kralkatorrik and the Great Destroyer was slain delaying Kralkatorrik's and Primordus' awakening). Furthermore, what Balthazar - or rather, Taimi's Machine - did was not just siphoning magic, but exposing the Elder Dragon to their weakness. So not only were they weakened via draining, but they were injured as well.

I'd argue that's just pure mechanics and not lore related, really.

Liches in general tend to be "very, very hard to kill". Khilbron was also like Joko, we could only kill him by literally tearing his soul out of his body using the Bloodstone. The Hunter was blessed by similar power, and could not be killed. But they are not immortal. What makes a lich such is unknown, ultimately, but strong death magic is no doubt part of it - and Dhuum is similarly very, very hard to kill.

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