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  1. The update says nothing about instanced group content or wvw alliances
  2. I guess W7 (if it is even close enough to release) is the last thing we will ever see about instanced group content in this game.
  3. Not interested in spending money on a game with uncertain future
  4. Guess this game is (truly) dead within 2 years now. Already lost most of my will to play this game over the last days.
  5. So far I heared of 2 people from the already tiny raid/fractal team being laid off. And we only know like 20% of the 100 people who got laid off so far. Seems like fractals/raids will never happen again (at least not for a long time) EDIT: now I heared of a 3rd leaving
  6. It doesn't bug me that they spent the time and money. It bugs me that now we will never see the results of it. Essentially making it a waste that took a visible toll on GW2.
  7. I wish Anet would make a new CD set and sell the mp3s as well That they can't do, Soule retains rights to that music. They could do a CD of the HoT and PoF and other such tracks though, and I wish they would. I was so sad when the HoT tracks came out -- on vinyl. With digital copies available. I grew up with vinyl and have no regrets about its loss. What's next, a craze for hand cranked gramophones? A CD set of their newer music though, that I would buy in a heartbeat. The more and higher quality merchandise we can get GW2 related, the better (none of these flimsy skimpy t shirts that s
  8. I haven't bought any gems since around the release of Lake Dorik and I have no plans to ever buy gems for real money again
  9. Just the first sign that they lied about the fact that the mass lay offs will not affect GW2
  10. At best GW2 will keep the current amount of resources, the devs from the cancelled projects get fired.
  11. Kitten off some existing customers, but potentially gain millions of people who currently don't play GW2 for whatever reason.
  12. people waste spots on the leaderboard with alt accounts.but instead of one account per cellphone I would say one account per computer (hardware ids are a thing and easily collected for Anet). That way you kill multi accounts and account sharing unless multiple computers are used
  13. I would like a vanilla league. All balance aspects back to before HoT. Of course needed adjustments can be made from there that only affect vanilla league.
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