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cant rename api key or delete old 1s


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I was able to delete one, but I had to refresh the page after doing it before the change showed up. I pushed the delete button, pushed 'delete API key' on the confirmation page, then it went back to my list of keys with that one still showing, but when I refreshed the page it was gone.

I'm not able to rename them though. I click edit and it takes me to the screen to rename it but won't let me type in the box, delete text or make any other changes.

So for now my suggestion is if you want to rename one you'll have to check which permissions it uses, then delete it and remake it with the name you want. Which is a pain, especially because I'm not sure how it will affect things which are already using the key, but it does work. Hopefully someone from Anet will see this and fix it at some point.

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