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DONE Ember Bay jumping puzzle, is anyone still helping people complete this?


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I'm on the NA servers and I have tried to do this JP a couple of times, for Aurora, but the lava keeps killing me and I keep ending up back at the first checkpoint.

Back in the day, there were people offering portals through the JP to assist others with the Mursaat Tokens.

Is anyone still doing ports for this JP? I go to the zone when it is Ember Bay daily, and I have yet to see either someone offering ports, or see any such groups in LFG. The position rewinder got me through both the Siren's Landing and Lake Doric JPs, but I just can't seem to get past the second set of lava jumps. I think the ambient heat, as well as the burning debuff from the lava, is doing me in. The checkpoint is basically sending me back to another fiery death.

I know there is at least one portal-focussed guild on the NA servers, but have been unable to locate anyone in maps. Can anyone help? It is the last achievement I need to finish the first set of achievements for Aurora. I have been using a guide for the path up the JP, so that hasn't helped me.

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