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"Defeat the clanmarshal and vizier" event bugged, cannot be completed and will never reset

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"Defeat the clanmarshal and vizier" - this event in desolation is full broken bugged. The npcs stop moving, will not continue to bosses so you can kill them and there is nothing you can do to prevent it if it has happened. They will go back to their positions if you try to drag them to boss, they will continue to be bugged if you let them die and ress.

I cannot continue my collection because i need an earlier event in chain and no new maps will open to reset it.

This has been bugged for years, as you can see from this threadhttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/32332/blocking-progress-stalled-event-in-the-desolation-52-206-73-222

I posted in there but i figured the name wasnt good enough and i wanted a thread to point out it is actually a bugged event that needs to be fixed.


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Tonight at 6am i went to check again, and lo and behind the event was still ongoing like always. But wait, wats that - the npcs arent by the door anymore? I come in t find them dead and the bosses hostile ready for the killing. Luckily i was in a my fighting build coz that was a long fight lol had to kill the one of them like 4 times and break that cc bar an ungodly amount of times, and kiting around on no health left. But it all worked out, got it without dying and now waiting for the event chain to restart.


It was another IP so it was another instance. Funny coz i tried a few hours before and still the same old instance.

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