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Would you like to see new guild features/missions etc.


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As of late, this got higher and higher on my gw2 wishlist :/I think there is great potential in the guild system. I love my guild, the people in it and to play with them. To be honest, if it weren't for them, I'd probably would've stopped playing gw2 a long time ago. And I heard/read the same from others. Guilds and the friend you make through them literally keep you in the game, keep you playing, even in times like now.Sadly with how the system is now, it gets boring pretty fast, espacially the guild missions.With Anets current friend/ships campaign, do they not see the potential and importance in the guild system? And therefore expand on it with new features, new missions, Guild vs Guild, maybe a new guild hall, guild activities in the guild hall? I don't know whatever comes to mind.So I just want to see what you others think about it, here it goes:

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As I said in another recent topic on this I think the mistake was in labelling specific activities as guild content, which seems to have given the impression that this is all guilds (or at least social PvE guilds) can do together. In most MMO I've played there is no dedicated guild content, but I've never seen players complain about a lack of things to do as a guild because any group activity can be done together with your guild and a lot of people prefer doing dungeons, raids etc. with a guild because generally you can be more confident that everyone in the group will have similar expectations. (Whether that's expecting it to be an informal casual run where no one cares what build you're using or being able to trust without asking that everyone else will be using the current popular build and will be following Youtube instructions on how to do it, or whatever else.)

So I'd personally be wary of adding more stuff labelled specifically as guild content because it will eventually end up in exactly the same situation, with guilds feeling like they're restricted to only playing these areas of the game together.

But what I would like is more ways to earn guild commendations, preferably ones which require less coordination from the guild leader and officers. I always struggle to make it to guild missions because I can't always be online at specific times and even planning ahead can be a pain. (Especially since being in the UK I'm at the far end of EU time zones so a convenient time for me is often too late for everyone else.) It would be really nice if doing other activities together with your guild could award commendations. Maybe even something as simple as if you're in a group where more than 1/2 the members are from the same guild they earn commendations alongside other rewards. (At a reasonable rate for the content - e.g. 1 from a dungeon path, 2 from a raid.)

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