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Raven Ceremonial Garb (Wardrobe Preview Bug)

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When I preview the Raven Ceremonial Garb in the Wardrobe, it forces the preview of the legs to be the Raven Ceremonial Gown, and you can't preview any other legs - ONLY on a MEDIUM armor wearer.

I can preview all the other armor slots as a medium armor wearer as normal, just the legs are forced to preview the RCGown when previewing the RCGarb.

Previewing on a LIGHT or HEAVY armor class character seems fine.

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Just so you know, there's no real legs for Medium...just some underwear-type thing. The Chest covers the legs for medium.

Wait...then why do I see a medium set of legs I can preview? And why did it add 3 things (light, medium, and heavy) when I double-clicked on it the first time, like the sandals and the top?

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