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Trial of Koda Primer (Can not access)

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There is a Trial of Koda Primer that nobody can access. Because nobody can access it, we are stuck. Hours later it's still the same Trial. This Trial is now the same on multiple maps. The only time you can access it is during the Drakkar event...but people do Drakkar during the event.

This creates a never ending Trial people can't access.

Please remove this location from the Primer rotation.


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I spent two hours with a group trying to get to it. The map kept saying it was inaccessible. People were constantly asking how to get to it. The group couldn't find it. People in map chat were saying it's an inaccessible oversight.

I then jumped to another marp, same thing.

If you can tell me how to get there it still up we did do it on one map bit we ignored drakkar to do it.

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