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Daredevil (Staff) in Drakkar Fights "pausing-out" for several minutes

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Now I have like 35 alts and ran Rangers, Mesmer, and Revenants through this without an issues. Got my Daredevil set up earlier, and was having a blast in the Drakkar battles, up until the the change to scattered mobs with Jhavi, the Daredevil skills stopped - totally. Could not swap weapons, not could use any skills 6 through 10 either.

Ping was okay. I run a ping to the main router to keep signal going well, and monitored. Also have Task Manager up to kill background apps closed. Once in a while the OS likes to load tasks and I kill those processes. But none of them were loaded. Everything was good, 230 ping. Yet I could not use any skills or attacks. So I went to character select and back, got into map, and things were good up until the second half. Everything stopped again.Could run around, went to the green circles, and those seemed to reset whatever was going on. Then towards the ending it happened again.! /grr Ran around looking like I was doing something, hit a green circle and a few seconds later my attacks came back up. Hopped over, use Dagger Storm, and Drakkar died. Got chests, no ascended boxes on any alts yet.

Never experienced this issue on any other alts. So what did y'all do to Daredevil??

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