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A glimpse of the future ideas...

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Bring your ideas to the table for the new expansion

My ideas:

  • Boats and Ships as in the 'Sea of Thieves', with many ocean to sail and lot of fishes to catch.
  • New playable race: Tengu with new personal history to do until 80 level.
  • New elite spec could be only 3 new classes: one light, one medium, one heavy. Each one with 6 different combinations of traits.
  • New WvW Maps + RNG Maps/week + Guild Rank Leaderboard + Alliance Server System
  • New Living World Season going Deep Underwater
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I would like to make a double throwback to GW1

Firstly, Optional missions than can be accessed via specific outpost like areas on the world map.These missions would be self contained side stories where you and your 5 man party would complete a series of objectives in a (probably instanced) area of the map with varying levels of difficulty decided at the start of the mission.

Second throwback, A small number of these optional missions will pair you up with a second party of human players and you will have to work together to overcome some of the objectives and also seperate and complete some objectives individually so that both parties can progress to the end and eventually take on a boss together.

One simple example of a boss fight could be that each party is seperated on different platforms, The boss attacks one party while it's allies and supporters mob the second party and attempt to buff and heal the boss beyond the reach of the first party, the second party must interupt this process by killing it's minions.The boss will then attack the second party and it's minions will attempt to do the same against the first party, swapping back and fore until the boss is eventually killed.

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