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Relationships between charr from different Legions


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I'm curious about the romantic relationships that charr form with other-Legion charr. The wiki pages on Galina and Snarl mention that they believe their relationship wouldn't work because they're from different legions. However, the page on the charr culture mentions that cubs join the fahrar of one of their parents' legion, suggesting that couples could be from different legions. We know that charr aren't that 'romantic', but still, I'm curious about how common these 'multi-legion' couples are, and how they're viewed by society in general.

Does anyone know? Thanks for your inputs.

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Given that our own warband in the character story includes Charr from different legions, and the majority of Charr relationships are more like "friends with benefits" than dedicated romance, I'd imagine cross-legion pairs may not be "normal" but they're also not particularly unusual, and they probably don't draw much comment, except from the minority of elder Charr grumbling into their beer about "legion purity" and "Back in my day". Two Charr from different legions are stationed together or go on missions together and end up getting attached, and then move apart as life takes them different directions. So it goes, and on to the next battle...

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