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Extream GW2 Server issues and Packets loss..

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"sorry 4 my bad english, its not my main language"

As the headline reads, we are all experiencing major problems with gw2 servers and it has been going on for months now.

Let me describe my own experience, I have a 100/100 Mbit Fiber connection. I've never lagged in anything, Besides GW2. as soon as I log in and just stand in Character creation or a random city or map.I have an average ping between 130 and 300. And if I log in to a meta map somewhere, my ping rises to 300+and I will be affected by random ping/lag spikes between 3k and 7k. every single day and hour i play, and besides the random lag spikes, we all get skille lag, where your skils only casts after 10-15 seconds after you press them. which makes the game unplayable, and it's been like this for months now, and if I'm brave enough to joine www, and join a zerg, the skill lag ar now up to 20-30 sec (like everyone else). I haven't been able to play a single raid in 2020, when you get thrown out of all the pug groups made up of toxic elite players, when you get a random lag spike og skill cast lag, inside a raid that makes your dps fall, you get thrown out before your skill lag is over. same with fractals, I'm a main fractal player, i play fractal, and has been playing them almost every day for several years, i had the fractal good title since it came out, but due to insane lag and skill spikes I have not been able to complete a single cm fractal in 2020. and before "Arenanet" begin to say the problem is at my end, let's just forget that, it is NOT! a my end the problem is. I have contacted my internet service provider, and asked them to test my connection and I have 0% packed loss between me and my provider, we also tested the connection without a firewall. so your ridiculous standard answer about its "normally" a firewall setting, can you as just forget!! my connection was tested by my provider while i was playing gw2 for 4-5 hours and i had only 1 minimal spike where my packed loss went from 0% to 0.06-0.08% for 1 sec!! Despite that, during those hours I was never below an average ingame ping of 130-300+. Furthermore, over the past month there have been several full maps dc's ingame, where it is not only me, but the entire map that dc's. (for me personally, it "Only" happened 5 times over 8 days. 4 full map dc's under the new drakkar meta, and 1 full map dc's under the raven shrine meta in the same map) but i can understand on other guild members that it also happens often for them. and we can just open gw2-reddit and see the thousands upon thousand of players with the same problem. I attach here a good example, where one tested his whole connection, and found an Amazon server farm with extream packed loss. (https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/fbwx5q/been_getting_lots_of_lag_of_late_in_gw2_looks/)So can Anet's IT department PLZ. do a test of the server you rund the game over, plz. check out the server farms running gw2. for the whole game runs so badly for most people.. or Anets employees can just try to log in 2 the game, and see it for themselves, just try to join a random meta somewhere, or hop in a zerg inside www, or just keep an eye on the various map chats, and see the thousand upon thousand of players that writes in the chat about insane lag and skill spikes, and random dc. i realy Hope its not ncsoft that has forced you to downgrade your servers, just to save money!! Personally, I might have to stop playing gw2, not because I don'tlike it anymore, but simply because it's unplayable due to high ping, extream lag spikes and random 10-30 sec skill lags..Arenanet Plz, for the love of god, test the servers. check the server farm you rent, 2 host the game, ther is insane Packets loss somewhere!!

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English is fine. The formatting not so much.

@"Gaf.6709" said:I attach here a good example, where one tested his whole connection, and found an Amazon server farm with extream packed loss. (https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/fbwx5q/been_getting_lots_of_lag_of_late_in_gw2_looks/)

That is indeed a good example. A good example of a problem occurring on the user's connection. It has a 1% packet loss from the second node on the connection that propagates through the rest. Typically the first node is your router while the second is where your router connects to the ISP.

This is pretty obvious with better formatting.38eYv7u.pngIt also shows lag spikes on the connection based on the "worst" column.

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