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revamp mount races with gambling.

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Well since the mount racing is pretty much dead, whether due to low rewards or other factors (like bugs) I think Anet should look into revamping mount races.

We already have ecto gambling, so I think that players should be able to sign up for races and compete for a prize pool which is made up of money that other players have wagered on racers.

I think it would be really cool to be able to sit in the stands and pull up a spreadsheet and see who is going to compete in the next race, maybe see a win loss ratio and possibly have statistics and odds given out for each player. Then if that player wins, they get a percentage of the prize pool, and the players who bet correctly on the winning racer, double their money or the total money bet on all other players is equally divided between the winners (1st place racer and those who bet for him/her) with the racer getting slightly more.

You could Max out the max bet at like 1g per player per racer or something so it doesn't get out of hand, and make it a huge meta event that people show up for once or twice a day.

Could also give out a new currency for simply betting on a player or participating In a race and give out more currency if that person wins (both better and racer). And then add a vendor like the casino blitz event, where you can trade the currency for unique items.

Eh just an idea.

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Actual gambling with gold would require the game to have a higher rating in several countries (since gold can be bought with real money, and many countries are very strict about that), and some might not allow it at all. That's why we only get stuff like ecto gambling in MMORPGs.

Seems like they actually intended to add gambling to the casino (that cage match event which is still disabled), but someone probably realized that it'd cause legal problems.

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