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Clear Super Adventure Box Soundcloud Please


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If you go to ArenaNet then Albums -> Super Adventure Box, you will find 18 titles in it, but it's FALSE! You have more!! At a point that even the wiki believe there is only 18 themes in the soundtrack! (fixed now, thanks wiki editors) Something should be done, add the others titles that are currently wandering somewhere in your musics; it completely ignore the following:-Shortcut Eagle-Super Adventure Run-World Map Theme (with the quill, before starting a zone) -> found nowhere: Can it be added?-Sub Hub-Hillbilly Hoedown (Rapids)-Pain Cliffs-Storm Top-Wizard Of Storms

Currently those aren't considered as SAB soundtrack because they don't have "Super Adventure Box -" In their name, annoyin because they are part of SAB too.EDIT 2 : Thanks for editing wiki to show the real soundtrack god bless you.

So I ask Anet to do one thing, find all those SAB titles which aren't in that album and add them to it, thanks a lot. I love the musics and it's hard to find them. The album is from 2015, those missing songs from 2013. -> W2 was already added in 2015, and your SAB album don't even have those w2 musics.

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