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condi renegade. bloody fury and endlessenmity. (answered)


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The first trait gives 25% additional bleed duration to fury, but fury is listed with additional 25% condi duration. Shouldn't it be fury: 25% bleed duration, crit chance?

If it works the way it is listed as of right now. a condi renegade would need fury and the two condi duration traits on corruption. this is a 50% condi duration flat already. so you just need 50% condi duration on your gear to have every single damaging condition last 100%.

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What the tooltip states is this:

While under the effects of fury:

  • Bleeds you apply have a 25% longer duration (Blood Fury)
  • Gain Fury when you strike a foe below 50% health (Endless Enmity).

For the Corruption ones you mention, I believe you mean "Pact of Pain" and "Yearning Empowerment" which:

  • Increases general condition duration by 15%
  • Increases duration of damaging conditions by 10%

What does this mean?

  • It means you gain 15% longer duration on all your condis.
  • 25% longer duration on damaging ones.
  • 50% longer duration on bleed only if you have fury up, else it is 25%.

The base duration increase translates to 225 Expertise. Then on top of that your damaging ones get a flat 10% increase (150 Expertise), and bleed which is the lowest damaging condition in the game receives another 25% duration if you have fury when you inflict it.

In no way is this close to 100% (1500 Expertise) condition duration. And this isn't the only profession either that can get good base condition durations.

So I think the answer to your question is no, with fury and the two traits your condi duration is 15% flat, 25% on damage conditions and 50% on bleed - for 100% condi duration on damaging conditions alone, you need 75% from gear. I guess it's doable, but not any worse than a scourge running trailblazer gear.

I'll give an example:You have 3 skills, one gives 10 second bleed, another 10 secons cripple and the last 10 second torment.

With all these traits, the bleed is now 15 seconds, the cripple 11,5 seconds and the torment 12,5 seconds.

As you can see, in most cases these traits give you roughly two extra seconds of dmg, that's it.

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Yes Blood Fury gives 25% bleed duration when having it - nothing more.

Where exactly is fury shown as a general 25% condi duration increase? Since you can't mouse over the boon itself (it always shows the same text), the only other place it can show anything is in the trait, and they usually look like this:

Condition: Bleed (an icon)Condition Duration while under fury: X%

If this is what you mean, it's quite common for a trait to first list the affected condition, and then the increase which may sound general if they skipped listing the condition type first.

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Endless Enmity shows 7% Damage, 7% Condition Damage next to the Fury Icon if you picked Invocation (the first minor automatically is 7%both under fury).It also does say 25% Condition Duration in the tooltip if you picked Blood Fury as the first trait in Renegade.Note that Fury gives neither of these alone , just a flat 20% crit chance.Problem is that it should say "Bleeding Duration". I have to agree with OP that "Condition Duration" is a little misleading if you forgot that you have Blood Fury picked in the moment affecting bleeds.Tooltip update needed. Sorry to resuscitate but that still bugs me to this day.

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On the same note since i'm here. The Vindication grandmaster trait increases the Ordnance count on Citadel Bombardment by a max of 5 , one per each Kalla's Fervor you have.The correct Tooltip is on your F3 down in your bar. But when you hover over the first minor that explains Renegade and all the F skills it shows 20 (max should be 15) when you right click to that F skill with Vindication selected. Shows a correct 10 before you trait up.

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