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need help with tempest build


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so i just recently max out my ele. i want to focus my tempest to be a support one. ive read metabattle build for support tempest. but not quite what i want. i want something like support auramancer? is that possible? do u guys have any recommended build? and i never quite like crafting so i dont really have a gear that has concentration in it. can effect from food cover up the concentration that i lost?

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To support as a Tempest:

  • Trait Water. It's the main support line. You can't support without it.
  • Trait Arcane if you want even more support, Earth for more personal self-sustain, or Fire for more damage.
  • Auras are the main thing that you can do that other professions can't, so you'll definitely want them. The three main utilities are "Feel the Burn!", "Aftershock!" and "Flash Freeze!", although you can also run Arcane Wave and use that as a blast finisher.
  • Concentration is a key stat in support builds and you'll need it. Food can cover it up to some extent but only to some extent. You don't have to craft concentration gear, you can always stat swap.
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