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Swiss Style Dailies is Reaally really bad


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For monthly I understand swiss, and its really cool, but every turny of every day requiring you to sit through a full hour of hell because you joined pugs, for 5g or less, is kinda just hell. I've now had 3 teams where some pve main gets upset and leaves the party and then ruins it for the other 4 people, literally forcing us to waste 40 minutes for NOTHING. In swiss if you leave, you should just get the last place rewards at the very minimum, but now you just get nothing and its not even your fault!! For dailies the old AT method was infinitely better as far as time goes, if you put in the time, you need to get the gold out, so either daily AT's give more gold, or they get set back to normal because this is kinda just stupid.

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Swiss makes sense for Monthly because that's when you have your perfect team that you planed for that event with. I dont have my perfect team more carefully chosen then the disciples of christ every single time I wanna do a daily, I usually just use pugs.

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