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Champion Boneskinner - Where is he?

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IBS, Ice Brood Saga. You learn something new every day.

There are two Champion Boneskinners. Most of the Achievements are related to the one that spawns in the Aberrant Forest after doing the Escort starting at Bjora's Keep. Best strategy to get this done is to just /mentor up or shout in mapchat for help when it spawns.

The second Champion Boneskinner can be fought during the Drakkar Worldboss event which takes place in the Whispering Depths. The meta-event starts with an Escort and leads to the confrontation with Drakkar in the arena-shaped cave. If you want to do that, check the Event Timer and wait at the map a few minutes before the meta starts, if possible join a squad waiting for it. You can reach the Champion Boneskinner upon entering the third Raven Gate (Champion of Wolverine) during the 2nd phase of the battle.

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