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Taking Advantage of Map Bonus Rewards

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Before you go farther, I am not skilled at posting in this format. To view an exact copy of this guide with links attached you can go to https://sway.office.com/rmtr0ppfnN3g4tnb

First let me answer a few basic questions:

What are Map bonus rewards?

Map bonus rewards are an enticement to get players to complete maps and to repeat content on completed maps. They are designed to reward players for participating in content on maps. When you complete events, some jumping puzzles, and mini-dungeons on Player versus Environment (PvE) maps you earn map bonus track points based on your participation in the event. Full participation awards 100 points. For every 200 points earned on a single map each day, you earn a map bonus reward.

Do the points you earn on one map carry over to the next map?

No. Point totals are specific to each map and reset daily with the server reset at 00:00 UTC.

Can I earn Map bonus rewards on different characters on the same account?

Point totals are account-based. So, every character on an account contributes to earning the same Map bonus reward.

Can you affect the points you earn with any consumables?

Yes. For example: Map Bonus Rate Increase is a guild enhancement that increases all points earned by 3-10% based on upgrades to the guild hall. For a list of other consumables that affect map bonus reward points, look-up “map reward bonus” on Guild Wars 2 Wiki.

Is there a limit to the number of Map bonus rewards you can earn?

No. You continue to earn a different reward until you reach 8000 points. After that, the cycle of rewards begins again with diminishing returns taking effect. I believe the diminishing returns affect the rate at which a player earns points. The point totals are account based and start fresh with every server reset.

Are the Map bonus rewards the same for every map?

Each map has its own Map bonus reward track. The rewards a map offers change weekly on an 8-week cycle. Simply put, rewards earned on the 1st week are the same as the rewards earned on the 9th week. You can see the materials a particular map is rewarding when you hover over that maps name while viewing your world map. You can find a chart listing the first five rewards for each Central Tyrian map for the current week by looking-up “map reward bonus” on Guild Wars 2 Wiki.

When does the current week for Map bonus rewards change?

The rewards tracks change every week on Thursday at 20:00 UTC. To find out the current week for map bonus rewards, look-up “map reward bonus” or “mbrp”, which stands for Map bonus reward/profit, on Guild Wars 2 Wiki.
Is there a way to know which map has the most valuable rewards?

The concept of value depends on individual perspective. If you need tiny venom sacs, you may value them more than vials of thick blood even though the thick blood costs more in the trading post. To determine which map has the most valuable rewards based on current trading post prices, you can look-up “mbrp”, which stands for Map bonus reward/profit, on Guild Wars 2 Wiki.

Is there anything else you need to know about Map bonus rewards?

Yes. Aside from anything I might have forgotten,


****On the Hero panel there is a list of Masteries that you can earn for your account. Some of these Masteries make an obvious and noticeable difference to an account. The Heart of Thorns Gliding Mastery or the Masteries for different mounts in Path of Fire are examples of these types of masteries. Less noticeable is the Central Tyria Mastery track of Pact Commander. This Mastery chain has five tiers. The important tier for this discussion is the Supply Line Management tier.

Supply Line Management allows a player to trade with Pact Supply Network Agents or PSNA’s. There are 6 Pact Supply Network Agents located in Central Tyria. One for each region. Their locations change daily at 08:00 UTC and the items they offer change daily with server reset at 00:00 UTC. Each agent offers free to each player one of the three items they carry. Pact Scout's Mapping Materials is always one of the three items offered by each PSNA.

Pact Scout's Mapping Materials grant a player 200 map bonus reward points each. The points granted by the Pact Scout's Mapping Materials is not affected by consumables or diminishing returns. They always grant 200 points. A player can gather 6 Pact Scout's Mapping Materials a day, one from each PSNA, for free. This means a player could earn Map Bonus Rewards for a map just by using their Pact Scout's Mapping Materials while on that particular map.

If a player is intelligent and industrious, (obviously you are since you are here) they can collect their 6 Pact Scout's Mapping Materials daily and save them to use at the right time on the right map. So, when is the right time and which is the right map? Only you can determine the answers to those questions for your situation. To determine the most financially profitable time and map you can again go to “mbrp” on Guild Wars 2 Wiki.

For example:At the time I am writing this, it is currently Week 1 in the 8-week rotation. The Straits of Devastation is currently the most profitable map for the week. If a player acquired all 40 Map bonus rewards and sold the items for the current Trading Post values, they would earn about 16 gold 77 silver 7 copper after trading post transaction fees.This is the most a player could earn with 40 Pact Scout's Mapping Materials for this week.

However, If the player looked at the current value for all eight weeks, they would see that Frostgorge Sound during Week 2 is far more profitable at 21 gold 28 silver 26 copper.This means that the player’s same 40 Pact Scout's Mapping Materials could possibly get them 4 gold 51 silver 19 copper more by waiting for the right map at the right time. As with most monetary speculation, it is always possible that the values at the trading post might, and probably will, change over time. So, waiting might not be more profitable. But it might…

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If the main goal is converting karma to gold there are other things to consider although each have their own drawback as well

https://gw2efficiency.com/currencies/karmaFor the karma cost of 40 mapping materials you could get 50g but this also requires 16,666 Trade Contracts which is a hefty number but if you play a decent amount in PoF zones this might not be an issue

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Humble_StoneFor the karma cost of 40 mapping materials you could get 68g but this also requires 5,859 Eternal Ice Shards and it requires the additional steps of converting to Volatile Magic then to Trophy Shipments. Additionally the conversion to currency item should NOT BE Kralkatite as that results in half the VM. Each shipment also cost 1g(this is already factored into the profit part) so you need at least that much to start

These do not have any sort of daily limit or resets so it is a bit more convenient IMO. The conversion is also nice if you are doing strikes since that generates both karma and Eternal Ice Shards

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Ok but is it worth it?? 

As i reed in the wiki be completing events gives you 100 points, but to recive 10 of the map bonus reward material , you need to reach 4.000 , and to reach this you have to do 40 events, keep on mind that not every map has soo much events and not alwais you gona reach full participation, the consumable cost karma if you consune all six gives you 1200 participation, wich makes you to compleat 28 events to reach  tr 4.000 

And get 10 of the map bonus material 


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