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Memory Leak/Loading Screen Lockup

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So since PoF will randomly encounter an issue where GW2 will stall during a zone transition and effectively lock up. What this looks like is that the normal swirl image that appears to spin during a transition will not move and the screen will freeze. PC will allow an alt-tab out of GW2, but once out GW2 still has control of mouse clicks so there is no way to terminate application and even doing a windows shutdown can not terminate the process which is what leads me to suspecting a memory leak of some fashion. Only option at that point is a hard shutdown. Only other thing I have noticed so far is on tabbing out it appears that there is some GW2 app running minimized outside of the GW2 that I can see but can't do anything with. Trying to figure out a way to grab a screen capture of it next time. Anyone running into anything similar or know of any secondary processes that GW2 might spawn at a zone transition? Haven't done a repair yet nor has it prompted for it nor had any interruptions during any of the recent patches so no real reason to suspect that to be an issue so far and its random like an instance a week in game play kind of thing. On a metered internet connection so wanted to rule out things before trying the repair check side and giving money to the comm companies. Appreciate any feedback. Good gaming!

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